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home page changes to

home page full of porn

Home page goes to Trovi.com

home page hi jacked please help me with log

Home page hijacked - (please look at my HJT log)

Home page hijacked persistently

Home Page Hijacked Troj_Mscache.A

Home page troubles

Home page not working

Home page multiplying

Home page hijacked by 123FOUND.com

Home page hijacked by mypoiskovik.com - PLEASE HELP!

Home page automatically changes upon new instance of IE7

home page disappears

Home page resets itself to default page msn.com

Home page sets itself to res://mshp.dll/index.html#37049

Home page blocked badurl.grandstreetinteractive.com

Home page explorer redirected and sex pop ups

Home Page frame of Internet Options disabled in IE6.0

home page?

Home Page Gone!

Home page protection

Home page stuck on "http://homepage.com/" can't change

home page problem & hjt log

Home page hijack with 0websearch.com

Home page stuck on coolwwwsearch can't change

Home page stuck on

Home page doesn`t open

Home page address problems

Home page hijacked "res://koxri.dll/index.html#96676"

home page hijacked to http://topiesecurity.com/

home page hijacked.again

home page in IE/w8.1 high jacked

Home page rerouted to "http://296f8.ilxt.info/index.php?aid=632"

Home page set in group policy

home page stuck at allneedsearch

home page hijaked.also

home page keeps switching to ask.com

Home Page Taken Over And Pop-ups like crazy. HiJackThis log included. Please Help!

Home page switcheroo

Home page is wrong

Home page taken over Hijack this log included. Can anyone help me?

Home Page Changes to Porn! ARGH!

home page taken over

home page changed-virus (moved from Win98)

Home page site and date

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